Stuttgart Parks & Recreation

Stuttgart Parks & Recreation

Stuttgart is known as an auto­mo­bile city, but there is lots of green space as well. In fact, Stuttgart has strate­gi­cal­ly planned green cor­ri­dors to improve air qual­i­ty. That means that even with­in the city cen­ter there are plen­ty of parks and options for out­door activities.

The largest (and longest) park inside the city is the Schloss­garten, or Cas­tle Gar­den. It is divid­ed in three parts by major streets, but there are bridges for pedes­tri­ans and cyclists to keep them all con­nect­ed. Just behind Schloß­platz the Ober­er Schloss­garten (Upper Cas­tle Gar­den). It sur­rounds a pond and is bor­dered by the opera house and Neues Schloss build­ing and is an ide­al pic­nic spot. Head­ing north you reach the Mit­tlerer (Mid­dle) Schloss­garten and then the Unter­er (Low­er) Schloss­garten. If you want a long walk or jog, the full loop is about 8 km (5 mi). Rosen­stein­park and Wil­hel­ma Zoo & Botan­i­cal Gar­den are direct­ly con­nect­ed as well.

One of the most scenic parks is the Weißen­burg­park, locat­ed on a hill in the south­east of the city. If you walk up to top you can see a beau­ti­ful view of Stuttgart. There is also a pop­u­lar café where you can get food and drinks to enjoy as you sit and enjoy the view.

What’s more, Stuttgart is sur­round­ed by forests and vine­yards, so there’s always more to explore!