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Dear Americans Moving to Stuttgart

We’d like to introduce you to some aspects of life in Stuttgart that other Americans have commented on as surprising or difficult to get used to. That way you can be as well prepared as possible for your transition!
stay cool fan

How to Stay Cool in Stuttgart...without AC

AC isn't common in Germany, so what can you do to stay cool in the summer heat? Read on for some helpful tips!
personal liability coverage

Personal Liability Insurance in Germany

Privat-Haftpflichtversicherung, or personal liability insurance, can save you a lot of money when you unintentionally cause costly damage.
rental bikes regio rad

Cycling in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a great place to enjoy cycling. Read on for tips on where to ride, rent, or repair a bike and what rules to respect here!
Choose Home Internet

Setting Up Home Internet in Stuttgart

Avoid getting locked into the wrong home Internet contract! This guide will help you think through the most important questions to consider before getting connected.
English bookstore

Where to Find Books in English

Of course you can order books in English online, but nothing beats the experience of visiting a real bookstore or library. Discover our recommended places to find books in English in Stuttgart!
German School System

The German School System

Moving to Stuttgart with school-age kids? Check out our guide to the German school system, with tailored information and helpful links for resources in Baden-Württemberg.
Fasnet Fasching Karneval masks

Fasnet or Fasching in Stuttgart

Fasnet, Fasching, or maybe Karneval? Learn more about the role this holiday has played in various parts of Germany and find out what events to look forward to in Stuttgart.
Mailbox Deutsche Post

Shipping & Receiving Packages

In Germany mailing and shipping are done by several private companies. Read our guide to ensure you can successfully send and receive packages in Stuttgart!