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German School System

The German School System

Moving to Stuttgart with school-age kids? Check out our guide to the German school system, with tailored information and helpful links for resources in Baden-Württemberg.
Fasnet Fasching Karneval masks

Fasnet or Fasching in Stuttgart

Fasnet, Fasching, or maybe Karneval? Learn more about the role this holiday has played in various parts of Germany and find out what events to look forward to in Stuttgart.
Mailbox Deutsche Post

Shipping & Receiving Packages

In Germany mailing and shipping are done by several private companies. Read our guide to ensure you can successfully send and receive packages in Stuttgart!
silvester fireworks

Silvester (New Year's Eve)

Will you celebrate Silvester in Stuttgart? Read this post to discover a few particularities that set the German New Year’s traditions apart.
Stuttgart apps cell phone

Stuttgart App Roundup

Optimize your Stuttgart experience by making the most of that tiny portable supercomputer - your cell phone! This handy guide goes over all the most useful apps.

Stuttgart Impressions

Just a few photos...
mobilty getting around Stuttgart

Getting Around Stuttgart

If you’d rather not sit in traffic, have a look at the many other transportation options Stuttgart has to offer, from taxis and car sharing to bicycle and scooter rental!
indoor pool hallenbad kid laps

Swimming Pools and Mineral Baths

There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to swimming in and around Stuttgart, perfect if you want to cool off, warm up, get fit, relax, or play with the kids!
Setting up your cell phone plan in Germany

Setting Up A Cell Phone Plan

Get your mobile phone working as quickly as possible in Stuttgart by following our guide to choosing and setting up a cell phone plan in Germany.