Taxi Services

Taxi Services in Stuttgart

Hop­ping in a cab is one of the most con­ve­nient ways of get­ting around Stuttgart. For­tu­nate­ly, it’s very easy to do thanks to the many modes of order­ing a taxi!

Phone Numbers

We rec­om­mend call­ing either of the fol­low­ing num­bers to book a taxi:
+49 711 55 10 00
+49 711 88 88 88 88


You can also use your smart­phone to book a taxi by down­load­ing one of the fol­low­ing apps.

Stuttgart Taxi App

Stuttgart Taxi App focus­es specif­i­cal­ly on taxi ser­vice in our city and the sur­round­ing area. Order your taxi, make your spe­cial requests known, and con­firm when the taxi will arrive. If you spec­i­fy a des­ti­na­tion address, the price will be dis­played. You can also pre-order a ride for a lat­er date.
Down­load it from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.


The FREE NOW app was BMW’s and Daim­ler’s answer to Uber and is extreme­ly pop­u­lar in Ger­many. When you order a taxi, you can watch its progress live on a dig­i­tal map, plus you get a push mes­sage when the dri­ver arrives out­side your door. You can con­tact the dri­ver at any time and rate the jour­ney after you arrive at your des­ti­na­tion. You pay for your ride through your smart­phone and receive a receipt by email.
Down­load it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Uber App

Of course Uber is best known for its ride-shar­ing ser­vice, but in Ger­many Uber func­tions more like a taxi ser­vice. Uber dri­vers need to be licensed like a taxi dri­ver and cannot dri­ve their per­son­al vehi­cles, only rental com­pa­ny cars. With the Uber app you can book Uber X, Uber Green, and reg­u­lar taxis in Stuttgart. Set your pick-up point and des­ti­na­tion, track the taxi to you and through­out your ride, then pay cash­less via Pay­Pal or cred­it card.
Down­load it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Airport Shuttle

If you’re head­ed to the air­port, why not book a shut­tle? Air­port Shut­tle-Ser­vice Stuttgart lets you book online or you can call +49 711 9 48 44 09.
If you arrive in Stuttgart by plane, it’s eas­i­est just to get one from the taxi stand out­side the air­port. There are always plen­ty of taxis wait­ing in line for passengers.