Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart has its own inter­na­tion­al air­port, mak­ing it easy to access the rest of Europe and indeed the world.

Although the air­port has four ter­mi­nals, it’s not that big of a place. You can eas­i­ly walk from one ter­mi­nal to the next with­out hav­ing to go out­doors. Check which ter­mi­nal your air­line flies out of here. You can also check cur­rent arrivals and depar­tures online, so whether you’re fly­ing out or pick­ing some­one up, you don’t waste time get­ting to the air­port too early.


Stuttgart Air­port offers a vari­ety of restau­rants and gift shops, like any air­port. There is also free wire­less Inter­net. For depart­ing pas­sen­gers, there is a siz­able lounge avail­able to mem­bers or those who pur­chase a pass. For those arriv­ing, there is a siz­able tourism office with maps, brochures, and guides in sev­er­al languages.

There is also a small ver­sion of a com­mon Ger­man super­mar­ket called Ede­ka Mar­ket.  This is of course a much cheap­er place to buy food at the air­port, More impor­tant­ly, it’s the only super­mar­ket in Stuttgart open on Sun­days. This is the per­fect place to buy sup­plies to tide you over till Mon­day if you’re arriv­ing in Stuttgart on a Sunday,



Stuttgart air­port is well con­nect­ed to the city with pub­lic trans­porta­tion. Sim­ply take the S‑2 or S‑3, which run between 2 and 4 times an hour depend­ing on the time of day. The jour­ney between Stuttgart’s main train sta­tion and the air­port is only about half an hour and requires no transfer.

Since the air­port is a bit fur­ther out­side the city, you’ll need to pur­chase a 3‑zone tick­et. Be sure to val­i­date it on the plat­form before enter­ing the train.


Stuttgart Air­port offers short-term and long-term park­ing in both out­door lots and a cov­ered garage. Regard­less of how long you will park, you can save on the cost by book­ing your park­ing in advance online.

There are spe­cial spaces avail­able for peo­ple with acces­si­bil­i­ty con­cerns, extra-large vehi­cles, and even those wish­ing to charge an elec­tric car.

For a com­plete map, prices, and to book online, vis­it the air­port’s park­ing web­site.

Rental Cars

There are sev­er­al com­pa­nies offer­ing rental cars in the Stuttgart air­port, includ­ing such inter­na­tion­al names as Bud­get and Enter­prise. You can book in advance by phone, and a few offer online book­ing as well. Most of the staff are able to speak Eng­lish, so you won’t have any prob­lem get­ting your ques­tions answered.