Swimming Pools and Mineral Baths

indoor pool hallenbad kid laps

There are plen­ty of oppor­tu­ni­ties when it comes to swim­ming in and around Stuttgart. If you like water, you won’t lack for options, whether you want to cool off in the sum­mer, warm up in the win­ter, get fit, relax, or play with the kids!

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Outdoor Pools

Freibäder are out­door pools that are open dur­ing the sum­mer. While “Freibad” trans­lates direct­ly as “free bath,” these pools are not free in terms of cost. Instead, they offer the free­dom of the open air and sun­shine as you swim. Stuttgart has five out­door bathing cen­ters with var­i­ous char­ac­ter­is­tics, so whether you’re look­ing to relax, play sports, or enter­tain the kids, you’re sure to find the right fit.

Freibad Möhringen

Actu­al­ly, this bathing cen­ter offers both indoor and out­door swim­ming options. There is a heat­ed “ther­mal hall,” with a swim­ma­ble canal to the out­doors. That makes this pool the first of the sea­son to open and the last to close. It’s very pop­u­lar among fam­i­lies, thanks to the three pad­dling pools and baby slide as well as bar­be­cue area. There is a mul­ti­func­tion­al sports com­plex with plen­ty of fun activ­i­ties, and there is also a large sep­a­rate nud­ist area.

Freibad Möhrin­gen

Hechinger Str. 112, 70567 Stuttgart

Freibad Rosental (Vaihingen)

This very large pool stands out for its enor­mous slide: 10 meters (32.8 feet) heigh and 100 meters (328 feet) long. There are also bub­ble loungers, a wad­ing pool, a div­ing tow­er, courts for beach vol­ley­ball and bas­ket­ball, and a nud­ist area for sunbathing.

Freibad Rosen­tal

Rosen­tal­str. 21, 70563 Stuttgart

Freibad Sillenbuch

This fam­i­ly-friend­ly pool offers a pleas­ant com­mu­ni­ty feel­ing. There is a wad­ing pool and small slide for chil­dren as well as table ten­nis and sun­bathing areas.

Freibad Sil­len­buch

Trossinger Str. 2A, 70619 Stuttgart

Höhenfreibad Killesberg

This pool is locat­ed in the beau­ti­ful Höhen­park Killes­berg. There are areas for div­ing (with three tow­ers), float­ing, swim­ming, and even play­ing in the waves when the wave gen­er­a­tor is run­ning. You can also play ball games and lie out in the exten­sive sun­bathing area. This bathing cen­ter is per­fect for fam­i­lies with young chil­dren, too. There’s a wad­ing pool with a small slide, a pad­dling pool, and even a mud playground!

Höhen­freibad Killesberg

Beim Höhen­freibad 37, 70192 Stuttgart

Inselbad Untertürkheim

This “island pool” is on the Neckar riv­er and spe­cial­izes in sports and fun. There are five swim­ming pools with dif­fer­ent fea­tures, includ­ing slides, div­ing boards, and a nud­ist pool. You can play bas­ket­ball, “beach” vol­ley­ball, table ten­nis and more.

Insel­bad Untertürkheim

Insel­bad 4, 70327 Stuttgart

Indoor Pools

Hal­len­bad trans­lates to “hall bath,” which is a pret­ty good pic­ture for an indoor pool. Near­ly every dis­trict of Stuttgart has an indoor pool where you can enjoy sports and leisure through­out the year. The nor­mal pool tem­per­a­ture in Stuttgart is 26°C (78.8°F), but pools are heat­ed to 30°C (86°F) on dates marked “W” or “Warm­bade­tag.” Be sure to check open­ing hours before you vis­it, since there is usu­al­ly one pool being cleaned or ren­o­vat­ed, and there are days when the pools are not open for the pub­lic but only to schools or clubs.

Hallenbad Feuerbach

The beau­ti­ful glass facade of this swim­ming pool’s build­ing is a list­ed mon­u­ment who lat­est ren­o­va­tion took near­ly two years.

Hal­len­bad Feuerbach

Wiener Str. 53, 70469 Stuttgart

Hallenbad Heslach

This swim­ming com­plex offers a 25-meter (82-foot) swim­ming pool, a div­ing pool, and a wad­ing pool for chil­dren. The pool also offers fit­ness class­es, birth prepa­ra­tion cours­es, and also nud­ist swim­ming hours.

Hal­len­bad Heslach

Mörikestraße 62, 70199 Stuttgart

Hallenbad Plieningen

This 25-meter (82-foot) mul­ti­pur­pose swim­ming pool has vari­able water depth thanks to an adjustable floor!

Hal­len­bad Plieningen

Im Wolfer 40, 70599 Stuttgart

Hallenbad Sonnenberg

This swim­ming com­plex includes a large mul­ti­pur­pose pool with counter cur­rent and mas­sage jets, a wad­ing pool, and a small pool with an adjustable floor where babies and tod­dlers can prac­tice their swim­ming. There are swim­ming and fit­ness cours­es as well as a sun­bathing terrace.

Hal­len­bad Sonnenberg

Kremm­ler­str. 1, 70597 Stuttgart

Hallenbad Vaihingen

This pool is in a love­ly loca­tion next to a small lake, the Rosen­talsee, and not far from the out­door swim­ming pool Freibad Rosen­tal (only open in sum­mer). There are swim­ming and fit­ness class­es in the large mul­ti­pur­pose pool as well as a wad­ing pool and out­door terrace.

Hal­len­bad Vaihingen

Rosen­tal­str. 15, 70563 Stuttgart

Hallenbad Zuffenhausen

This swim­ming com­plex is among the largest in Stuttgart, with over 400 m² (4300 sq. feet) of water sur­face. The 25-meter (82-foot) mul­ti­pur­pose swim­ming pool fea­tures a div­ing tow­er as well as a 90-meter (295 foot) slide. There is a wad­ing pool inside and much more fun for chil­dren out­doors, includ­ing a large play­ground with water attrac­tions. Addi­tion­al fea­tures of the cen­ter include a sun­bathing area, ter­race, and var­i­ous saunas. The pool also offers swim­ming lessons, fit­ness class­es, and children’s birth­day parties.

Hal­len­bad Zuffenhausen

Halden­rain­str. 31, 70437 Stuttgart


This swim­ming com­plex offers a 25-meter (82-foot) swim­ming pool, a div­ing pool, and a wad­ing pool for chil­dren. The pool offers swim­ming lessons, fit­ness class­es, and children’s birth­day par­ties. There is also an out­door play­ground and sun­bathing area.


Land­hausstr. 192, 70188 Stuttgart

Sportbad NeckarPark

This mod­ern swim­ming com­plex opened in 2022 and is designed as a train­ing and com­pe­ti­tion facil­i­ty. It is only open to the pub­lic at cer­tain times. At all oth­er times the pool host clubs and schools.

Sport­bad NeckarPark

Lenore-Volz-Straße 2, 70372 Stuttgart

Mineral Baths

You might be sur­prised to learn that Stuttgart, while hard­ly the most famous for min­er­al baths, in fact has the largest min­er­al water resources in West­ern Europe. Stuttgart has 19 sources of min­er­al water, 13 of which are offi­cial­ly labeled as min­er­al springs. Every day these sources col­lec­tive­ly pump out over 22 mil­lion liters (5.8 mil­lion gal­lons) of min­er­al­ized and par­tial­ly car­bon­at­ed water which sup­ply local swim­ming pools and ther­a­peu­tic spas.


The award-win­ning LEUZE Min­er­al­bad is a huge min­er­al bath com­plex with nine swim­ming and bathing pools on an area of 1700 m² (18,000 sq. feet), four­teen saunas and steam rooms on an area of 3300m² (35,500 sq. feet), a children’s area with pad­dling and wad­ing pools on an area of 600 m² (6450 sq. feet) and var­i­ous areas for sun­bathing and out­door enjoy­ment. The water is drawn from two strong­ly car­bon­at­ed springs and one min­er­al spring. The com­plex is divid­ed into two main sec­tions: one for swim­ming, where bathing suits are required, and one for sauna, where cloth­ing is not allowed. There are a vari­ety of well­ness and ther­a­peu­tic treat­ments on offer as well as a restaurant.


Am Leuze­bad 2–6, 70190 Stuttgart

Mineralbad Berg

This min­er­al bath is quite the his­toric site. It was first opened in 1856 and is fed by five min­er­al springs. In addi­tion to the indoor baths, there is an out­door area with refresh­ing­ly cold water for sun­ny days sur­round­ed by parks. The saunas are sep­a­rat­ed by sex and are cloth­ing-free areas.

Min­er­al­bad Berg

Am Schwa­nen­pl. 9, 70190 Stuttgart

SoleBad Cannstatt

Min­er­al­bad Canstatt is also award win­ning and offers indoor and out­door pools as well as five saunas on an area of 1200 m² (13,000 sq. feet). The strong­ly car­bon­at­ed med­i­c­i­nal water flows through water attrac­tions such as mas­sage jets, lazy riv­er and a water­fall. You can also explore the solar­i­ums, green roof ter­race, and nud­ist area. There are sev­er­al kind of mas­sage avail­able as well as an on-site cafeteria.

Sole­Bad Cannstatt

Sulz­er­rain­str. 2, 70372 Stuttgart


This min­er­al spa is locat­ed at the SI-Cen­trum in Moehrin­gen. It fea­tures a large dome done up with plants to give the feel­ing of a trop­i­cal par­adise with a vari­ety of pools of dif­fer­ent tem­per­a­tures. There are sev­er­al kinds of sauna, both dry and steam, offer­ing dif­fer­ent cul­tur­al expe­ri­ences from Fin­land to Hawaii. There are even places for relax­ing and nap­ping. While the baths and saunas are nor­mal­ly cloth­ing-free areas, bathing suits are allowed on the first Sat­ur­day of every month. There are also days for women only.


Plieninger Str. 100, 70567 Stuttgart

Near Stuttgart

These loca­tions are a bit fur­ther from the city cen­ter but are well worth a vis­it. With mul­ti­ple indoor and out­door pools, sports clubs, saunas, and well­ness offer­ings, you’ll have more than enough enjoy­ment to jus­ti­fy the trip!


This swim­ming park in Filder­stadt tru­ly has some­thing for every­one. Fam­i­lies can play in the wave pool, drift along the cur­rent chan­nel, and laugh their way down a vari­ety of slides. Ath­let­ic types will appre­ci­ate the many lanes for laps in the 25-meter (82-foot) swim­ming pool as well as the huge range of fit­ness class­es. Those look­ing for relax­ation can try out the dif­fer­ent saunas, mas­sage types, and oth­er well­ness offerings.


Mahlestr. 50, 70794 Filderstadt

Badezentrum Sindelfingen

This swim­ming facil­i­ty has a lit­tle of every­thing, spread across a siz­able park. There are out­door pools for swim­ming laps, high div­ing, and slid­ing or wad­ing with kids. The park also has numer­ous sports fields for every­thing from bas­ket­ball to ten­nis to vol­ley­ball and even a slack line area. Indoors there are again pools for fit­ness or fun, saunas and well­ness areas for relax­ation as well as a “children’s par­adise” with var­i­ous water attractions.


Hohen­zollern­str. 23, 71067 Sindelfingen