Where to Find Books in English in Stuttgart

English bookstore

Of course you can order books in Eng­lish online, but noth­ing beats the expe­ri­ence of vis­it­ing a real book­store or library. Explor­ing the shelves, brows­ing through a book, read­ing through the first chap­ter before decid­ing what you want to take home – shop­ping on Ama­zon just isn’t the same! Below you’ll find our rec­om­mend­ed places to find books in Eng­lish in Stuttgart.

Where to Buy Books in English

Buchhandlung Wittwer-Thalia logo

Buchhandlung Wittwer-Thalia

This mul­ti-lev­el book­shop has a very good selec­tion of Eng­lish books. You can find it just near the U‑Bahn stop “Schloss­platz.”


Osiander books logo

Osiander am Marktplatz

The Osian­der book­store near the main sta­tion (“Haupt­bahn­hof”) is very large and has a vari­ety of Eng­lish-lan­guage books.


Osiander books logo

Osiander – Das Gerber

Head by U‑Bahn to “Rote­bühlplatz” or by S‑Bahn to “Stadt­mitte” and make the short walk to the Ger­ber mall to explore the books this Osian­der loca­tion offers in English.


Oxfam Deutschland logo

Oxfam Buchshop

Oxfam is a well-known char­i­ty that com­bats pover­ty. You can usu­al­ly find a vari­ety of books in Eng­lish. The Oxfam book­store is locat­ed just behind the Ger­ber mall (“Rote­bühlplatz” by U‑Bahn or “Stadt­mitte” by S‑Bahn).


Picadilly English Shop logo

Picadilly English Shop

This shop spe­cial­izes in all kinds of prod­ucts from Eng­land. Locat­ed near the U‑Bahn stop “Börsen­platz,” they have an assort­ment of Eng­lish books in sev­er­al genres.


Where to Borrow Books in English

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum logo

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum

The Ger­man-Amer­i­can Cen­ter is a cul­tur­al insti­tute that pro­vides infor­ma­tion on social, polit­i­cal and eco­nom­ic issues in both coun­tries. Their library, locat­ed near the U‑Bahn stop “Char­lot­ten­platz,” includes a great selec­tion of sev­er­al kinds of Eng­lish-lan­guage media for a year­ly fee of 10 Euro.


Stuttgart City Library

Stuttgart City Library (Stadtbibliothek)

The Stuttgart City Library is well worth a trip just to see its award-win­ning archi­tec­ture. It has a small, ded­i­cat­ed Eng­lish sec­tion, and the kid’s sec­tion has Eng­lish books, too. The year­ly fee is 20 Euro. The U‑Bahn stop is fit­ting­ly called “Stadt­bib­lio­thek.”


Children's English Library

Children’s English Library

Just like its name promis­es, this library is ded­i­cat­ed to children’s books in Eng­lish. A year­ly mem­ber­ship costs 50 Euro. The clos­est U‑Bahn stop is “Vai­hin­gen-Schiller­platz” but they’re also pret­ty close to the S‑Bahn stop “Vai­hin­gen.”