Uracher Wasserfall – Urach Waterfall

Uracher Wasserfall

The Uracher Wasser­fall, or Urach Water­fall, is the most beau­ti­ful (and there­fore famous) water­fall in the Swabi­an Albs. From 37 meters (121 feet) above, the water falls freely into a deep pool that spills over into a stream that runs down into the val­ley. Climb the steps by the side of the falls up to the top to find a high mead­ow. There you can walk across the bridge that spans the water for anoth­er strik­ing view. There is also a refresh­ment hut which offers region­al prod­ucts dur­ing peak sea­son (from April to mid-October).

The water­fall is just one attrac­tion of the UNESCO Glob­al Geop­ark Swabi­an Alb. There are won­der­ful hikes through many parts of this region of untouched nature. You can also get stun­ning views from the site of the Hohenu­rach ruins. Plus, near­by Bad Urach has min­er­als spas, out­let shop­ping, and medieval sights.

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