Mercedes-Benz Museum

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Take a jour­ney into the his­to­ry of auto­mo­biles at the Mer­cedes-Benz Muse­um in Stuttgart! There are 1,500 exhibits that take vis­i­tors through 125 years of inno­v­a­tive auto­mo­tive his­to­ry, includ­ing 160 fas­ci­nat­ing his­toric vehi­cles, among them:

  • the world’s first auto­mo­biles – among them Karl Benz and Got­tlieb Daimler
  • the famous Sil­ver Arrow rac­ing cars
  • the offi­cial vehi­cle of Ade­nauer, the car of Pope Paul VI
  • the Kaiser­wa­gen of Emper­or Hiro­hi­to from Japan.
  • var­i­ous limousines
  • sports cars from dif­fer­ent decades
  • and more!

There are two dif­fer­ent ways to expe­ri­ence the muse­um. Take the Mythos Tour to fol­low the sto­ry of cars from the inven­tion of the auto­mo­bile chrono­log­i­cal­ly to the present, or choose the Col­lec­tions Tour for cross-time focal points. On every floor you can choose again which path you pre­fer. There are audio guides with pro­grams in mul­ti­ple lan­guages, avail­able at no addi­tion­al cost with your muse­um entrance ticket.

Love cars? Get a 25% dis­count off your tick­et to the Porsche Muse­um when you present your tick­et from the Mer­cedes-Benz Muse­um (and vice versa).


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