The Relocation Guide for Stuttgart

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Museums in Stuttgart

Learn about Stuttgart's wide variety of museums, including the usual art, history, and science as well as museums on cars, wine, chocolate, and even pigs.
movie tickets in english

Movies in English

Living in Stuttgart doesn’t have to mean missing out on the best new blockbuster films! There are a variety of places where you can enjoy that delightful move-going experience.
international phone calls explained

International Calling

If you've never lived abroad, dealing with phone numbers from multiple countries at once can be very confusing. Here's a primer to make things easier for you!
Stuttgart Sport Teams

Stuttgart Sport Teams

Stuttgart was named the European capital of sport in 2007. The most popular sport is certainly soccer, but there's also football, basketball, hockey, handball, and baseball & softball.
US Military & Government

US Military & Government

Whether you're a family PCSing to Stuttgart, a government employee on assignment, or a contractor over for a project, there are lots of new things to figure out.
Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart has its own international airport. It is easy to get to by public transportation, you can book parking or a rental car online, plus there's a grocery store that is open on Sunday.
Local Swabian Food

Local Swabian Food

Swabian food is simple, hearty fare with many dishes based on meat and home-made egg noodles. We've chosen to highlight the dishes that are most recognizable as Swabian.
VPN Services

VPN Services

A VPN, or virtual private network, can allow people from abroad living in Germany to access streaming media like they're at home. Check out our recommendation.
Stuttgart Food Ordering

Food Ordering

Ordering food in Stuttgart is as easy as going online! There's no need for phone calls in German thanks to apps that let you grocery shop and order take-out.